With FileLinx Platform
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Everyone must be able to develop their own applications, even those who do not have programming knowledge. This is something we believe in With our no-code platform, you can create solutions for specific problems. Automated workflows make complex processes child’s play.

FileLinx Platform enables these processes

Many processes can and should be set up more efficiently and more user-friendly. But you’re often told that this is not possible for all kinds of technical reasons. We say: it can be done!

The FileLinx Platform enables development of a specific application. Exactly according to your requirements, but without a long implementation process or excessive costs. What’s possible? Here are a few examples:

  • A ticketing system for an ICT helpdesk
  • Replacing your file server with a structured solution including document creation and workflow
  • A procurement system linked to your ERP/finance system (see links here)
  • A CRM that sends the required item list to procurement based on a quotation
  • A referee monitoring system for the KNVB
  • An integrated customer portal for faults, invoices and requests
  • A planning portal for a contractor company, from order to digitally signed work order
  • A process for analysing agricultural land, from sample to report
  • A quality system for guaranteeing and recording standards such as ISO and GDPR
  • A system for processing and storing opiates at hospitals
  • A portal of a housing association in which residents can submit a repair request, linked to the diary of the professionals

Our platform also makes the specific process of your organisation or customer a reality. Programming knowledge is not necessary, you simply put the application together in a few clicks. We can also assist you in building your business solution, if required.

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Become a partner!

FileLinx have 20 years of experience with no-code software. In order to keep our knowledge up to date as much as possible, we work with various partners. Partners who implement our solutions as well as partners we work with. We share knowledge and there is great deal of trust on both sides.


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