Our approach

It can be done!

Many processes can and should be set up more efficiently and more user-friendly. But you’re often told that this is not possible for all kinds of technical reasons. We say: it can be done!

The FileLinx Platform enables development of a specific application. Exactly according to your requirements, but without a long implementation process or excessive costs.

We will do the work for you

If you want to develop an application yourself, we invite you to do so with our platform. Would you rather let us do the job? We would be happy to. So you can concentrate on the processes and the model; FileLinx takes care of the development of the platform in the latest techniques.

Our approach in 4 steps

Every organisation is unique, but we always deliver on one promise: we ensure short implementation times at all times, that costs remain within the budget and that you decide how business processes are handled by the software. To achieve this, we follow a proven and effective approach:

We will discuss your requirements and how these can be translated into an application during a workshop. The standard app (model) you choose serves as the basis for the solution.

In an Agile way, with short sprints, we build the solution on our platform. More concretely, we configure the standard app and if you have additional requirements, we will also customise it (without programming and customisation). The result will soon be visible.

Going live is the moment when you actually put the software into production. Only then will you really use the solution in everyday life. It is understandable for questions to arise and for adjustments to be needed; we will, of course, support you in this regard.

We regard the collaboration with our customers as a partnership and this also includes regular reviews and adaptation of the application. Your organisation may change and so may your needs within the software. Because FileLinx is a no-code software solution, we can easily adapt your application to the new situation.

Would you like to know more about FileLinx Platform?

With FileLinx Platform you can create anything

We, our partners, but also our customers can make all kinds of solutions ourselves with our platform. Solutions for a specific problem, by structuring information and robotizing work processes. Think out of the box, everything is possible!


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