We want to enable everyone to develop their own applications without the need for programming knowledge.

What is low-code?

With a low-code development platform, you can build an application. Programming knowledge is not required because the user interface consists of graphical elements.

In this way, a low-code platform puts you in a position to develop an administrative application without barriers, without expense and without technical knowledge. And independent of ‘traditional suppliers’.

The 7 advantages of a low-code platform

  • Low-threshold innovation
  • Focus on the solution and not the development
  • No programming knowledge required
  • From idea to implementation in no time
  • Applications as part of a flexible IT environment
  • Safe development and testing within a controlled environment
  • Always easy to customise applications
Development FileLinx

Why we believe in low-code

A regular application is up-to-date for an average of 5 years. After that you have to make a choice. Are you migrating to a new version of the software? Are you switching to a different application? Or do you decide to ignore new developments (such as mobile)?

As you can see from the low-code package, it is easy to create a whole range of applications. Your business solution (model) is completely independent of the underlying platform. We, our partners, as well as our customers can use the FileLinx Platform to create all kinds of solutions ourselves.

We have customers for whom we created a model 20 years ago that has continued to operate unchanged in the new platform. However, new technologies, the interface and mobile have all been added.

Do you need help?

If you want to develop an application yourself, we invite you to do so with our platform. Would you prefer it if we did this for you? We would be happy to. So you can concentrate on the processes and the model; FileLinx takes care of the development of the platform in the latest techniques.

Would you like to know more about FileLinx Platform?

With FileLinx Platform you can create anything

We, our partners, but also our customers can make all kinds of solutions ourselves with our platform. Solutions for a specific problem, by structuring information and robotizing work processes. Think out of the box, everything is possible!


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