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Develop business applications at lightning speed with FileLinx Platform.

Develop your business application

With the FileLinx no-code software platform, you can develop business applications at lightning speed. What’s so unique about the platform? You can start with one of the ready-to-use business solutions and convert it into your own application in no time. You can also model a specific process in the software platform.

The perfect workflow in 7 steps

In the FileLinx Platform, you develop applications yourself, including the underlying business process, with or without a standard business solution. The platform consists of the following elements:

Step 1

Recognition of data

Specific information in emails and documents is recognised. This information is necessary to structure your application. It helps you find the information with ease, without having to fill in all kinds of labels right away. We can recognise data on invoices, postal items, emails, project documents, personnel files and expense claims, for example.

Step 1
Step 2

Determine the data model of your application

The data model for a CRM solution is different from a project solution. In the modelling studio, you click on your preferred fields and layout using the ‘what you see is what you get’ method. View the result of your work immediately, review it with your users and adjust it if necessary.

The advantage is that you can choose a different format for each type of application, without losing recognition. For example, you can put the data (for a loyalty card), the document (for approval of an invoice) or the folder structure (for a project folder) at the centre.

Step 2
Step 3

Who gets what rights?

In the rights studio, you determine the rights for each user group, so you can control who can see what.

Step 3
Step 4

Determine the business process by setting up robots/workflows

The data model of your application is ready and the rights per user group have been determined. Now all we have to do is determine the underlying process of the application. The workflow studio can automate endless tasks for you such as making appointments or sending email alerts.

You can also add a manual action. Think of approving a quotation or invoice.

Step 4
Step 5

Securely store, share, and collaborate on documents

Almost every process involves a document or email as input or output. The FileLinx Platform is unique in its kind, because we combine the construction of applications and business processes in a no-code platform and an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) or DMS (Document Management System) in one platform.

By default, the FileLinx Intelligent File Server (IFS) is included as the basis for storing and generating your documents and emails. The power of IFS is that you always have one truth and one version of a document and that you can securely store, share and collaborate on documents.

Invoices, quotations, reports, contracts, project documents and all other documents are stored securely in the software platform.

Step 5
Step 6

Integration server

To add even more structure to documents, emails and business processes, you can add labels. This allows you to easily retrieve the data by typing in a search term. But in many cases, these labels are already present in other systems that you use. You may have an ERP/financial system that contains creditor data, invoice data, customers, project data, etc.

But you may also have Microsoft Exchange in use, for example, in which you work with emails, calendars, tasks and contacts. FileLinx are specialists in creating links with these systems to exchange data and prevent duplication of data. From retrieving creditor data or loyalty cards to coding invoices at the right cost centre, we can create any links.

Step 6
Step 7

Built-in Business Intelligence solutions

So you store data as labels/metadata in the platform and link all documents and emails to these labels. You ensure a process-oriented working method through robots/workflows. Finally, FileLinx ensures that this information can be converted into usable KPIs. The reports can be automatically emailed to users inside or outside the organisation, sent as reminders or placed as tiles on the dashboard. You can create these overviews and tiles yourself in the platform.

Step 7

With FileLinx Platform you can create anything

We, our partners, but also our customers can make all kinds of solutions ourselves with our platform. Solutions for a specific problem, by structuring information and robotizing work processes. Think out of the box, everything is possible!


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